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TUB camera® 

The TUB camera® Evolution 7 is a state of the art technology that includes the most advanced tracking TUB camera, the all-in-one DVR DigiPryn and a whole range of high resolution cameras.

The TUB camera® can be perfect solution to any environment due to

  • Double mirrored reflective housing
  • Shuttle PTZ moves silently
  • High speed movement & intuitive control (6m/s)
  • Unlimited length
  • 100% coverage with no blind spot
  • Perfectly adapted to : airports, warehouses, supermarkets, train stations, car parks, factories…
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    • The shuttle camera moves rapidly and precisely.
    • Unlimited monitored area with no blind spot.
  • The ideal CCTV solution for protecting wide-open spaces.




  • Length: unlimited (unique on the market)
  • Diameter: 17cm (the smallest)
  • High Speed: >6 meters per second
  • Powerful Zoom: 28x Optical
  • Pan range: 360º continuous
  • Tilt range: >90º

“Exclusive Characteristics”

  • High quality images
  • High speed movement
  • High intuitive control
  • Operates 24/7
  • Unlimited length
  • For more compatibility


  • Multiple Applications – Logistics, Retail Outlets, Airports, Train Stations, Data Centers, Car Parks, Sorting Offices, Industrial Applications.
  • Discreet and Unlimited Monitoring – doesn’t threaten the general public, whilst remaining invisible to people acting in a suspect way.